Tuesday, September 25, 2012

foXXX: Ace Rockwood Is A Big Bad Wolf

i like ace as a strict wolf.
let's keep it that way.

foXXX: Months Without Meat and I'm Hungry!

sometimes after months on dick strike,
you need a little something to fill you up.
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Monstrous Balls

i had an interesting conversation with my cousin hybrid today.
i’m telling you,
when we get together: epic.
we go IN and i wanted to share a little what we were talking about.
i have been talking in emails with a young cub who ONLY likes down low wolves.
he says that people make him feel bad for his choice….
 i will say it before and i will say it again.
people in this lifestyle can be bullies to one another.
we like abuse.

not the abuse of a plump pipe beating up butt cheeks or the back of our throats.
but the abuse of our opinions and choices in dating, even fucking.
it can be a wear and tear on the self esteem, to be honest.
one that leaves you feeling like you went 20 rounds in the ring and ending in a “tie“.
bad enough straights do it to us every chance they get.
are we too hard on each other?
or, is this just the way “love” goes?
i had to ask…

Can we all just get along?

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Metrell Hurst Takes My Foxhole Interview Virginity

… and i think i liked it.
look at him.

i decided to introduce something new.
sooooo many people that i want to interview honestly.
i wanted to start small and get some practice before i go IN heavy…

that being said,
i did a little sniffin’ on metrell.
i saw he had an interesting story.
he has been through a lot that you would never know.
i hit him up and we did our thing.
check out my first ever interview with metrell hurst
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

foXXX: Cocky Boi's Ass Tho...

foXXX: Maybe She Is Happy To Be Fucking Him?


i mean.......
i'd have a big ass smile on my face if that was attached to that.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

How To Spot A Non Factor So You Can Run In The Other Direction

i got a large outpouring of questions from the last entry.
“how can you tell someone is lying about their career?”
that was the main question in every email.
now i’m not saying i’m an expert,
but being in this game,
i now have the gift of seeing when a nigga is bullshittin.
so below i put together some tips.
this is not meant to insult anyone.
it is meant to bring awareness to BULLSHIT….

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Made It Pretty Far Fucking and Swallowing The Right People

i went out last night…


ima get right into it.
is every black man in NY a:
personal trainer.
i don’t think i have met a doctor, lawyer, or engineer in the last couple years.
i don’t even think i have met someone who wants to be behind the scenes either.
ialways meet wannabe stars and hood stars.
many of them who happen to be gay and trying to front.
or, many of them willing to be gay so they can be in front.
now granted i do work in the industry,
but it kills me the abundance of blown up heads because you have a EP.
the fact you dressed your friend automatically made you a stylist.
the fact you always winning in Rucker Park makes you a baller wolf.
or, the fact you take good pictures makes you a model.
some have talent.
some don’t.
who will make it?
i started to wonder…

Why is everyone trying to be a “star“?

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