Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jamari Fox Has The Gift That Keeps On Giving

since i love all you guys so much,
and we just talked about fly back to school stuff,
i cum with a gift.
i want you to print this entry page until 9/3/12 and take it to H&M.
you will get 20% off an item of your choice.
tell em jamari fox sent ya.
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BACK TO SCHOOL 2012: The New Fox/Wolf/Hybrid “Shine” Era

it is back to school time.
time to re-connect with old classmates,
meet new ones,
and see who looks good on top after school.
i know, i know…
but, from high school to even college,
you need to know a few things about looking good this semester.
i want all you guys to shine this year.
time for the world to SEE the fox/hyrbid/and wolf world movement.
you know i love that shit.
so, this weekend as you are getting yourself prepared for the tough year ahead,
time to shine.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


the following story below really made me sad.
it popped up in my email from my blog following list:
i read it in the barber shop yesterday and was completely blown away.
i had to post it for my foxes to read.
so read this now..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jamari Fox Shoots People

i would love to have this:
… but not in the way you think.
pictures can speak a thousand words.
images that convey a language that only eyes speak.
this is why tumblr exists.
less talking; more pictures.
what if the newest thing in meeting a wolf/fox/or hybrid is by snapping his picture?
you get to see him close to naked and take a picture of him in his best light.
i don’t know how i could handle it without exploding.
am i in the wrong field?
shit, i started to wonder…

Is being a photographer the oldest trick in meeting the newest Wolves?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012


scared you with that title, huh?
no, not me.
the enemies of the foxhole…
or are they are they really lost souls in need of the foxhole?
i never got it or understood it really.
i was asking star fox today why do people do this?
he couldn’t answer my question.
so maybe i can ask you…

Why is he saying “fuck him“….

….when he really thinking “damn, i want to fuck him”?

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

That Wolf Is Really The Sexy Girlfriend

it’s all in his body.
his amazing muscular/toned body.
he is a modern day greek god.
he spends hours a day working out and sculpting that absolute perfection.
in his pictures online, he is always giving you a pure bred “WOLF“.
you would not think otherwise.
he has the poses down and the look on “i’m fucking you so hard tonight“.
the way he rocks a fitted and sags his jeans makes you think he should be doing a duet with drake or meek mill.
he has a thousand foxes, jackals, and hyenas lusting after him in his online pictures.
the thirst is definitely real.
but in some twist of fate, you see him in person.
you instantly get brick.
he walks up to you,
or you observe him from afar,
and then this flies out his mouth:

Don’t you hate thatttttttttttt?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

foXXX: The Shorter The Wolf; The Deep He Goes

foXXX: Fucked By 3 Different Jamaicans.

foXXX: The Fox With The Heart On His Ass

Those are some nice butt cheeks on him.
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I’ll Give You Throat for 800, but It’ll Cost 1 Stack To Pipe Me. Deal?

they say everything in life has a price tag.
to get premium quality, we must pay for it.
you cannot walk into LV and ask to get one of their products for free.
just on the strength that you carrying it brings promotion for their store.
you will probably have a boot print on your ass.
you have to pay.
does that same thing apply to humans in this lifestyle?
you go online and the wolf of your dreams has a price tag attached to his dick.
these older foxes are even paying younger wolves for dick + companionship.
don’t even think about getting high in your career.
more than likely, wolves will be attracted to you for your connections/wallet.
i often wondered if we are always paying for something?
just like how we demand dinner, a movie, and a ride in a maybach.
are wolves now demanding a payment for pipe?
I started to wonder…

Do we usually have to pay in some way for someone we are attracted to?

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

I Turned Him Out With Good Food, Good Sex, Good Talk… and He Bought Me A House.

do you know when you are looking like an idiot?
i mean, we all know at some point when we are fucking up.
we let someone in our lives and that person becomes our “all”,
we lose our focus and end up in a very dark place.
we stop calling our friends.
family becomes pushed to the side.
everything becomes about “him”.
we start being him.
we start to lose ourselves.
we don’t even realize he is trying to play us.
you think you are doing good,
but this mofo was the worst thing to come in your life.
do you really know when you have completely gone from “doing well“…
to “damn homie! you was the man homie…!”?
i started to wonder…

Can some dick/cheeks really be bad for you?

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chad Johnson Is Now Jobless; Dropped From Miami Dolphins

that is the face of regret and headache.
i know he wishes he never sold his soul and dipped his penis into that she-devil

foXXX: He To' Her Ass UP!

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OchoCinco Gives Evelyn Some Mean Head… Literally.

i wonder where was her liquid courage this round?
ya know, i find this whole situation funny.
i’ll tell you why after you read this twist of a contradiction on his part
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

foXXX: How To Be A 1 and Get A Train Ran On By A Group of +4

he’s cute.
looks like he has a nice piece of meat too.
too bad, he’s so dirty.
he and his +3 decide to run the train on a +1.
all for the wonderful world of ratchet we call “worldstarhiphop“.

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f0xmail: Should I Get The Wolf Drunk So I Can Finally Feel On That Booty?


Remember that wolf (with the big ass) from my job you made a post about. Well, back when he invited to his 4th of July party that passed over month ago I didn’t end up going. I think I told you guys. Well since then nothing has popped off and my attraction towards him grows stronger every time we speak. At this point I’m a little heartbroken because his relationship status on Facebook indicated that’s he’s with some white chick (Ugh, Smh!). I feel as though I missed out by not cultivating a potential friendship that could have possibly lead to something more. Now he’s invited to go out with him (just us two!) for drinks next weekend because he’s free. Could this be my opportunity to make my move. Should the fact that he has a girlfriend now, should I back off from all romantic prospects involving us? I’d like some advice from you and the fellas’.