Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ya’ll Respect The Shot, but Jamari Respects The Shooter.

the joker.
the riddler.
poison ivy.
i have always been a fan of superheroes.
but, I have always been a bigger fan of super villains.
something about them intrigued me.
the reasons for why they turned “bad” were often valid points.
joker wanted batman to smile.
poison ivy wanted people to treat the planet better.
venom kills people who commit any crimes.
magneto hated how people treated mutants.
cat woman wasn’t “bad”, she was more versatile.
but, I often wondered if these people were really “bad”,
or were they just hurt?
I started to wonder…

Is there such a thing as a genuinely “good guy“?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

foXXX: Parting the Red Cheeks

Can I just say that everytime I watch this video, I am turned on? I don't know if it is because of the way he holds that Fox's cheeks or the way he pounds that shit in the very end.... either way, I am dripping in my own cum.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Can Promise You The World Only If You Cum With Me.

look at you.
ya broke.
your bills are due.
you can’t even afford to eat.
you keep praying and no break through.
look around and see all your peers.
they are like little robots.
money, cars, and hoes - thats all a nigga knows.
but, someone comes along.
he seems trusting.
he says he will make all your dreams come true.
you won’t be hungry no more.
your money will always be long.
and, you will have all the dick/ass your heart desires.
he turns on the television and there you are.
you are now a role model to the kids.
you have a nice home and living a different life than you are now.
you look at him and cry.
yes, that’s you.

…just as long as you sign here:

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Friday, July 13, 2012

I Wonder What It Is Like To Have A Boner?

“why am i finding foxes more attractive than wolves?
these niggas out here looking filthy,
can’t dress,
and can’t even speak English.
yet, you can find a fox who got a job/career,
his own,
and got some kind of swag.” - a hyena.
how about that same hyena got asked on a date,
and the wolf did not pay for dinner or the movie?

better than me.
number would have been erased when i didn’t see him reach for his credit card.
i’m sorry if that sounds terrible.
i keep telling ya’ll foxes rule the world.
the days when i thought wolves ran the world are over.
next to vixens, we are going out there and making a name for ourselves.
we are getting up early and doing what we need to do.
we are making money and able to afford the luxuries of life.
these lazy ass niggas want to lay up under us.
nigga i ain’t a body pillow.
it seems other foxes, and even the hybrids, are feeling the same.
so i had to ask…

is this why most foxes are attracted to the each other?

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

foXXX: When The Tattoo Wolf Came To The Rescue


I have seen this Wolf before!!!
I don't know if it was Tumblr...
but he looks familiar...
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foXXX: The Battle of The Jerk Offs

Timberland Jackin brought to you by PornHub


Fine ass jamaican dude jackin brought to you by PornHub

Which do you prefer?
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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Do you like the view baby?


I think he should go back to porn.
No need in doing xtube for free.
I'll let him eat the cakes tho.
He has a nice mouth.
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I Want All The Youth To Start Getting High As Hell.

I love getting high.

I realized a long time ago weed, coffee, and cocaine were only temporary highs.
Okay, I never did coke but you get my point.
I love getting high in inspiration.
If you channel it properly, it can take you to the highest heights imaginable.
I was talking to Smart Fox last night and we had the most amazing session ever.
A inspirational blunt to the face for both of us.

We were talking about many things but we got into the youth and this whole lifestyle.
Quiet frank, our cubs are lost.
Doing the stupidest things because their stupid ass friends thought it was fun.
Many of them are not realizing they still have a long road to travel.
Some never even make it to the car.
I am all for doing things in the moment,
but I am past “stupid mistakes” that I can’t be rescued from.
As we talked, I asked the question:


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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mister Red Riding Fox On The Way To The Club For A Big Bad Wolf….?

“You not meeting no Wolves cause you not on the scene!”

Spoken through my phone by Star Fox.
I shuddered at the thought of going to a gay club.
But his sentence stuck with me.
I often wondered how much that is true?
I always wondering how does one meet a Wolf if they aren’t actively making a name for themselves.
But at the same time, the name you make on the scene is always filled with rumors and drama.
You go out and meet a Wolf….
…. but is it just a temporary good time… with all your business on Front Street?
That mofo will have the whole club knowing he fucked the shit out of you… literally.
I had to ask….

How do you successfully get on the scene without actually being on it?

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