Tuesday, May 29, 2012

f0x Mail: He To’ My Poor Virgin Cheeks Up! Owwwwww!


dear jamari fox. i love your site. i am 18 years old and new to this lifestyle. your site is so great and it has allowed me to get comfortable tremendously. the comment section helps me alot on days i hate myself for being gay. thank you. the other night i met this fine ass wolf online. i was scared but i invited him over to my house and we got it in. he fucked me really hard. i was a virgin but he did not know. now i have a hemorrhoid and it HURTS! i dont think i want to have sex again lol help! any advice!!!????


Monday, May 28, 2012

The Wolf Who Cries “I’m Single and Sad” Wolf

Look at him:

Aside from the fact he used his body as a coloring book,
he is actually the Wolf of our fantasies.
He is fine as hell.
He has a body that needs to be fucked, jerked off, or sucked on every night.
And, his lips were made to blow bubbles in your Foxhole.
He is someone I would like to know that I have the pleasure of fucking.
Hopefully his dick game is worth all the effort.
But I picked up something through observation,
which lead me to asking this question…

Friday, May 25, 2012

He Got The Train Ran On Him Just For Those Christian Louboutin Sneakers

I hesitated on posting this story,
but I felt I should because all my readers (and lurker Baller Wolves and Foxes) need to read this.
One thing about this lifestyle is the constant need to look image ready.
In The Concrete Forest, everyone wants to live up to a certain image.


One place to go see this “swagg” in action is Soho and Times Square.
It is like a mini fashion show,
and if you do not keep up with The Jones,
you could as well consider yourself blacklisted.
The real secret is 90% of these Foxes, Wolves, Vixens, and Hybrids are BROKE.
They are spending money they do not have to impress people that don’t care about them.
The hot new thing is doing credit card scams to keep up appearances in the city.
Face it, half of them are all dressing and acting like “social media celebrities” to fit in.
So many people move to NY and then have to move out because they lost their focus in clubs and store dressing rooms.
So many Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids are in debt and couch hopping because of their “lifestyle“.
Their flashing lights need to be dimmed, but they get turned off due to lack of payment.
I know about 7 Foxes and Wolves who had to move back to their hometowns after dreams of coming here to be “something“.
So don’t let Twitter or Facebook fool you.
These FOOLS are living beyond their means.
Below, this story was interesting to me…

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

foXXX: Beat Down on the Old Couch

He looked like he could not remember his name LOL.

I’m The One Who Owns That Pipe. The Bitch He Is With Is Just A Stand In.

was what you would call:
a low down dirty slut bag of a bitch kind of ho“.

We all know those types.
She would mess with various Wolves to fulfill her need for penis.
She did not care if they were single, married, or on their death bed,
she would be ready to suck and fuck with no hesitation.
He just had to be cute, paid, and have some bomb ass pipe.
To other Vixens she was poison and you know what?
She didn’t give a shit about her reputation.
If her name was Mark, we would applaud her conquests.
Is it a contradiction?
Miranda is the standard “a low down dirty slut bag of a bitch kind of ho” in the Vixen world.
You see her coming, you put your menstrual blood in his lasagna to put a spell on him.
But what about the Jackal named Mark doing the same?
Those same Vixens want to sit up and hear his illicit tales of “D/L Wolves Who Steal Booty In The Midnight Hours“.
Does he get a pass for his messing with married and taken Wolves?
I had to ask…

Is it okay to be a ho in this lifestyle?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

foXXX: Nice2Easy Is FINE!

He is the owner of this video on XTUBE:

Well he finally showed his whole body and I see why he is getting as much Fox tail as he is:

Now THAT is my kind of Wolf!

God Kills Optimistic People, Don’t He?

I thought about something today.
What would Jamari be without “thinking“, huh?
I was laying in my bed this morning,
after making a muthafucka of an omelet I might add,
and I was thinking about losing it all….

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yo Eyes Betta Not Be Lookin At My Fuckin Chest Mah Dude!

Is all attention really good attention?

I mean, we all like eye candy, right?
*raises hand*
We have Wolves, Hybrids, Vixens, and Foxes online to provide that for us.
But, what if you are a Wolf/Fox/Hybrid/Vixen who gets naked, but hates the attention?
Isn’t that, like, conflict of interest… or something?
I started to wonder…

What is the naked truth?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Somehow I Keep Throwing Down Jokers

You see your opponents.
Always try to keep that game face on.
They can read any sudden weakness.
You have all the cards babe,
so hit em where it hurts.
Just make sure you throw the right ones out on the table.
You see all that bounty on that table?
That can be yours.
Well now it your turn…
So, which one will you throw out to keep you in the game?
The dating world can be like a game of poker.
It takes some good card plays and keen observation to win.
It’s just… well, you been losing each time you sit on at that table.
Another game; another loss.
Your poker face has now diminished,
so now I got to ask…

Are you tired of playing?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hi, I’m CoochieLana and I’ll Be Your Wolf’s Beard Today!

Im just letting all you Baller Wolves know reading…
That I will be also doing a screening for your beards when you are with me…
Like these two:
I need to like her ass too.
So my Vixens over at Baller Alert came up with a list for other Vixens to become beards.
Something I am all too familiar with when your image needs a cute hoe on your arm…

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I’d Sell My Soul For The Nearest Camera

You ever stop to wonder what happens
to these Wolves/Foxes/Hybrids/and Vixens once they fall off?
You know, the ones who are steadily trying to be online stars.
The ones who think they can rap good because they look good.
The ones who think because they got over 10,000 followers,
that they made it in life.

Is everyone trying to be a star?