Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flattery Just Gets You Fucked… 4real4real.

Ronald was a cute cute cute boy…
but see, he ain’t know it.
See, Ronald was told all his life that he was attractive, but he ain’t never believe it.
He grew up with a younger brother that got all the attention and all the toys.
This left poor Ronald fighting and rebelling for his parent’s love.
Ronald was also gay and was looking for Wolves to make him feel appreciated.
He would fall for their empty compliments because he wanted love.
He would do whatever these Wolves said because he felt that they “loved” him somehow.
I ain’t recall a night of peen “love”, but whatever.
Ronald fucks, sucks, and ends up alone once they are done with him.
The story of “Ronald” is much like some of ours.
We are looking for that Wolf-In-Armor to come rescue our asses and be our “Beacon of Self Worth“.
Sadly, a Wolf can sniff out low self esteem in a heart beat.
Why do we look for validation from others when we need to look in a damn mirror?
Why are we searching for something that can only be found in oneself?
It’s like we are in one dark ass room looking for the door to get out,
but we are too busy feeling around looking for a switch.

I had to ask…

Are you searching through another for your self esteem?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Don’t Start The Fire If You Can’t Take Your Hose And…

…. grrrrr!!!!

Everyone has a different experience in this lifestyle.

Some of us can walk out the door and start sucking a dick by the time you turn a corner.
Others meet Wolves once we get them comfortable.
A majority however are not meeting anyone.
It is what it is, ya know?
I believe it is all in your season.
At that time, you are you most confident and your sex appeal is highest.

Sometimes, a nigga is just having an OFF moment.

But, what happens when you meet a Wolf you think gets down and he is slowly going about the connection?
You know that wack “I’m really undressing you with my eyes” bullshit.
How do you successfully get him out his fur?
And, would he ever come out?
I had to wonder…

How do you rescue the Wolf who is trapped in his own closet,
but trying to get into yours?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I’m A Sinner… and I Like it That Way.

Hail Mary, full of grace
Get down on your knees and pray
Jesus Christ, hanging on the cross
Died for our sins, it’s such a loss
Saint Christopher, find my way
I’ll be coming home one day
Saint Sebastian, don’t you cry
Let those poison arrows fly
Saint Anthony, lost and found
Thomas a cryin’, just stand your ground
All those saints and holy men
Catch me before I sin again
I hate Christians.
I do not hate God because I love the fact that he sent his only begotten son to die on the cross for me.
But, I really hate Bible Thumpers.
I hate them with a passion.
They are what is wrong with church today.

Where the fuck do you get off trying to tell me about myself?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

foXXX: Str8 Wolves Did This? (1)

I doubt it...

I Didn’t Know A Glass Of Cum Actually Quenched Your Thrist

Be sittin’ up in my room
Back here thinkin’ bout you
I must confess,I’m a mess for you…

I am sure this would have been different lyrics in 2012.
It would have been called, “Sitting Up On His Facebook“.
Something about being on the Books, going through his pictures, and stalking his wall.
Sending him messages every three seconds; and then checking to see if it was read.
You know: stalker lite.

Sidebar: Ever since Instagram came into the picture,
I scroll down my timeline and all I see is random faces of the same person.
Like 2 to 136 of the same face shot in the most random poses.
I thought Vixens were bad, but these dudes nowadays are a hot ass nigger-razzi mess.
This one in particular:

This nigga here on Instagram…
This nigga better live up to every EXPECTATION and FANTASY, I know that much.
He needs to be making close to 75k a year,
slang dick like Jesus appointed him the official dick slayer on Earth,
feed small children all over Africa,
and still have time to wrestle crocodiles on the weekends.
I had to stop following him because he is VAIN as hell.
If you read the comments,
these Vixens would suck the crust out his toes trying to get chose.
It was almost sickening to see the THIRST because he is also THIRSTY as hell.

So I have to ask… are you thirsty?
Have you ever had a thirsty moment?
How do you know that you aren’t?
As much as we all like to think we are God’s gift to a pretty penis,
we may be repelling potential dates by the way we get when we are super attracted to someone.

How do you act when you interact with someone fine?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear G-Spot, My Bomb Pussy Needs A Permanent Dick.

I use to be scared of the dick.
Now I throws lips to the shit.
Handles it like a real bitch….

Yet, Lil Kim is alone… and a face full of crazy.
She has a wall so high up that a nigga needs a hurdle to get over it.
Trina has boasted that she is the baddest bitch,
but there is yet to be a ring on that finger.
She was sending crying pictures to Kenyon Martin after he dropped her ass.
That doesn’t sound like the “baddest bitch” to me.
Evelyn Lozada probably has some great Spanish twat,
but it left her engaged for 9 years to Antoine Walker and putting up with bullshit form Ochocino.
She politely told him on national TV that if he wants to fuck some other bitch,
she will buy the condoms.
She also told him that she needs to “like the girl” if they decide to menage.
Excuse me, say what now??!?
… and these are just Vixens!
Don’t even get me started on the gay side of the fence.
Because realistically, we are all a hot ass mess on this side of town.

Every muthafucka thinks their shit is official.
I sometimes have to roll my eyes when I see/hear/smell that bullshit.
We listen to these rap divas and real life bitches and take on their sexual persona.
On social media and even real life,
everyone is bragging they have the tightest walls or the official throat.
But, if all it took was some bomb dome or good Foxtail to “keep a Wolf in the house“…
why is you alone in the crib doing Kegals?
Or, you sitting on a chat site all damn day going through men like jock straps in the NFL?
Just stop it….

You could have some nice plump lips from “Casa De La SupaHead“,
or even the fattest ripest ass that would put Buffy the Body to shame,
but my question is…

Why are you still single?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Is You… Then.

How do you expect to move on, if you do not have closure?

That is the question ringing in my mind.
I don’t know if I am the type to hold a grudge, per say.
But, I do hold onto things even though I claim I am over it.
I will use those little things as examples for me not to fuck up in the future.
Which I think is relatively smart, but you do need to let go so you can successfully move on.
But, moving on is hard to do when you do not have closure.
So the real question is…

How do you really get closure?

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Friday, April 13, 2012

If You Like It, Don’t Just F*ck Me Good! Buy Me A Ring!

I can picture you in a black leotard and high heels.

You have 2 other dancers next to you.
Your smile is infectious.
As you adjust the wedgie out of your butt cheeks, you get into position.
1, 2, 1, 2 3…

… if you are going to do it, at least shave those hairy legs.

Seriously though, we all grew up with the impression we would be married one day.
Some of us watched our parents live a fairy tale life of wedding bliss.
Well, some.
Others watched a single mother busting her ass to make sure her kids were fed.
But as Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids our dreams of marriage look kinda bleak.
Wolves do not want to get tied down.
Foxes and Hybrids want an emotional “ring” to make them feel complete.
In a world where sex comes first and a relationship is a question mark,
can a Fox really get married?
Would a Wolf actually want to cuff a Fox or Hybrid with two simple words with a priest behind them?
Or, is this all just a cute little fantasy to play with toys?
I had to wonder…

Is gay marriage impossible?

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rumor Has It, You Are Nothing But An Insecure Little B*tch

Do you judge a book by it’s cover?

I will admit that I do.

Some books just do not catch our interest at all.
Sometimes they just LOOK boring.
You have to take too much time to read the shit.
We are usually over it and move onto something else.
But, we will run to the pick up the books with a eye catching cover.
Maybe even because it looks like it won’t take long to read.
But, I am starting to realize that the books without the “extra” have the best stories.
You may even learn something new.
As humans with short attention spans,
anything worth the read is not worth the time these days.
Coming off to smart may actually repel; coming off too stupid attracts.
I had to wonder…

Should we just give some “books” a chance?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In A World Where The Kings Are On The DL…

Now, I am all for jump off sex with a DL Wolf.

They are NOT for cuffing purposes PERIOD.
This is where some of ya’ll go terribly wrong.
You get a nice stiff penis from a man, or trade as they call it.

You call him over in the late night hour,
fuck him all kinds of stupid,
and then send him home until you need some more penis.
They even make great test subjects to practice giving head on.
Might I add, they are also the biggest tricks.
It is NOTHING to get them to pay a bill or buy you dinner.

But, DL Wolves have an issue about them that make them more annoying…
I’m here to teach them how to keep being sexy….

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Monday, April 9, 2012

I Gave Head In Someone Else’s Apartment Last Night

I guess it starred YOU, WOLF, because I don’t know who “he” was.

I had the most intense sex dream last night.
It traveled with me the entire day.
I woke up and nearly started to masturbate.
In in the dream, it starred some Wolf I never met, Me… and a Fox.

Oh yeaaaahhhhh… it was pretty raunchy.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Have Been Holding Onto A Horrible Secret

I think it is time to finally say it out loud.

Okay, before you think anything, let me warn you….
It is bad.
Not bad like AIDS or HIV bad (what kind of sloppy ho do you think I am?)
No, I didn’t kill anyone or attempt to kill.
No running over dogs, cats, or other animals.
I pee standing up and I do not wear wigs.
I only stole once… okay twice… and I got caught and was scarred for life.
(Do you know what they do to pretty Foxes like me in jail?)
No, this is something more serious… or maybe it isn’t….

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Friday, April 6, 2012

When We Role Play… (30)

This is for EVERYONE.
Let’s try something new today.


You have been looking for a job for a while.
Your best friend of 5 years:

… hooked you up with a job at his start up company of 1 year.
He is the CEO and got you a good entry level position.
You started doing such a good job, that 6 months later, you got:

35,000 bonus + 50% raise
Car Service
Better title (just within the company)
Paid 2 week vacation

Word spread of how well you did in the company and it got to the ears of his rival company….

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

When Whores Talk About The Baller Wolves After They Put The Pipe In Em

“I get so dick thrown at me, I got to dodge it like Mario Kart.”

I love whores.
I hate messy whores.
But, I love whores because you learn so much from them.
They are like teachers with a minor in journalism.
I remember the time I actually spoke to a real “stand on the corner” white whore who was a client of my friend’s brother.
She was telling me about how she became a whore, drugs, her pimp, and different fetishes she has dealt with from Wolves.
If you listen, you will learn too.
I got 2 messy whores below who some rappers ran through that have taught me a whoooooooooooooooole lot…

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I’m So Ugly That When I Get Sick, They Call The Vet

Some people are just ugly as hell.

I mean, lets be honest with ourselves.
There are people who are simply just not attractive.
For whatever reason though, they have the most positive and calming attitudes.
They know what they lack in looks, they use in swagger.
Look at Jay-Z for instance.
He is not the most attractive Wolf you would like to wake up too.
But, I met him and I was ready to slide my boxer briefs right off!
He was charming and funny as hell.
He MADE you feel like he was only speaking to you.
He may have “ugly” business practices to some, but you never know as you speak to him.

But what happens when people are just simply ugly on the inside?
No matter what their physical looks like, they are just disgusting.
They are out to harm everyone who crosses their path for whatever reason.
I started to wonder if God don’t like ugly…

Why do some people embrace it?

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kanye West Is In Love With Kim Kardashian (High on Thera Flu)

…and took some shots at Kris Humphries while he was at it.

Kanye decided to share his latest feelings on a song called Thera Flu.
I got ten emails about it from industry folks to listen to this.
I knew this was serious.
Drop down to hear the song…

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You Got 10 Minutes To Fuck Me… Then I’ll Schedule You For Next Week.

“I’m not looking for a Wolf.
It is not a realistic thing.
I’m going to focus on my career.
I have not seen any successful relationships in this lifestyle.
And all the Foxes I see looking for a Wolf are not focused on their careers.
They get stuck looking for a man to fulfill them and lose focus on building their lives.

I mean, I will still be a ho because I can never let go of the dick… but I just won’t be looking to be locked down.”

I was blown away with that admission from a Fox that I know.
He was dead serious too, but he was honest.
He knows that he is in another place in his life and looking for a steady man is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Hell, looking for a Wolf to match your money swagg is even worst!
I had to look at him in a “say what?” way, but inside I was thinking…

“Is he right?”

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I’m Willing To Suck and Get Fucked To Be A Star

You get your first hit when you get a little bit of attention.
Then, you start crazing it more and more.
That high you got the first time…
you need that again and again.
So, you start thinking of ways to get more.
You start selling bits and pieces of your soul.
Then you see others just like you.
What they do starts to take over your mind.
Next thing you know, you are addicted and your mind is completely gone.

FAME can be a horrible drug to overdose on.

I def saw myself wanting to be addicted to FAME at one point.
I craved the 25,000 followers and the attention that came with it.
But in this new day and age,
social media being the way of self expression,
and random people doing the most outrageous things to get seen:


The high that people receive when everyone knows their name is better than any form of weed or cocaine.
But, what happens when FAME starts to take over your mind?
What happens when you start being controlled by FAME?
What happens when you lose your FAME and have to turn social tricks to get it again?
Why does everyone, who are actually no ones, chase FAME?
I started to wonder…

Why is everyone trying to be the STAR?

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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Day It Rained In My Bedroom

Today was a strange day for this Fox.

I sat in my house, practically in the dark and let random thoughts take over me.
I watched television for a little and tried to cheer myself up.
Realistically, I did SHIT besides have a mini meeting to discuss future plans and goals.
I have decided to move forth on a few ventures alone,
since as of late,
I have been treated like SHIT.
But, being alone and in the dark can be dangerous.
It brings about the things that you keep hidden.
Things that causes the worst depressions and thoughts you can’t un-think.

An idle mind truly is the devil’s playground…

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