Friday, August 19, 2011

A Night With Shannon Brown Inside You


But, uh, I see why Monica jumped on that marriage.
I see you Mo.
I see what you did there.

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Do You Have “The Gay Face”?

This may end up having a GREAT discussion…

I know that my Foxes and Wolves are on another plateau of the game,
but are some of us missing the skills to pull the man of your dreams?

The article below breaks the down the ever questionable “gay face“…

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby, I Want That Old Thang Back…

We all want to be free.

We all want to live life feeling secure without being insecure.
A hard feat for some of us, ain’t it?????????????????????

When we are young pups, we are brave and strong.
We are adventurous and want to do many things.
Our parents told us not to do something, yet, we still found ways to break the rules.
We had courage!
As we get older, we go through things that pretty much lock us down.
We start to feel insecure and throw up walls that we pray can never be broken.
All just to be accepted.

Am I speaking to anyone today?…