Thursday, April 28, 2011

foXXX: Hot Rod Queens Out

I hate when they try to make these obvious queens masculine for porn.
My theory?
Their asses get so loosened up that they have to turn "TOP" to make money.
Ask yourself where has Osian gone?
He could not TOP if he tried.

Is there any natural masculine TOPS in the business who do not want to play "Poke-Me-Mon"?
Is that so hard to ask for?
Am I asking for too much?

but the top is cute tho.

foXXX: French Fucking (OOOH LAA WEE WEES)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

foXXX: What She Looks Like When Sum Dick Is In Her


She was enjoying that nice bone in her ribs.

foXXX: The Best College Dorm Smash Video EVER.


That Wolf put his all into fucking that Vixen, didn't he?
I remember when I first saw this video, I was HOOKED.
He had another video fucking this other chick stupid but he took that down ASAP.

I wish he would make his fucking return... literally.

foXXX: "So Let Me Tell U How I Fucked This Fox..."


I wanna know who the Wolf is.

Who The Hell Is Leroy From MTV…

…. and why is he not naked in my bed?

I stopped watching Real World many moons ago.
I think Coral was a house member last time I checked that show out.
Anyway, I was browsing and came across this video of this fine brotha…

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

foXXX: Mr XL Shows Us His Stuff


Glad to see he can put it down in the bedroom.

Wolf Feedback From a Lurking Wolf

Who knew Kanye would generate so much debate?

So this entry about Kanye got into a long ass debate about Wolves and why they do the shit they do.
Hell, you can lay face down; ass up infront of a Wolf and he wouldn’t even know what to do with it.
(you are thinking “fuck me” but he is thinking “fuck you”… and not in the good way)
These days Wolves have gotten very spoiled, but who wouldn’t?
Wolves are out here sticking their pipes in anything with a hole and can mutter a few words.

I’m good.
Let’s fuck.
I’ll suck your dick.

I heard of this Wolf recently that was not only messing with a Fox but secretly fucking his mother and his cousin.

Anyway, a few days after that initial entry,
I got an interesting email from an Incognito Wolf who was reading and wanted to share his two cents.
Check it below…

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

foXXX: Some Visual Stimulation For The Stats Today!


You guys gave me some BIG stats today.
Papa was real happy!

I should really thank Anthony Burrell...
but I have OTHER ways I want to thank him.
But that is grown up talk.


So, I have to treat you guys to something nice.
It is only the Fox way!

Hope you like!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The “Too Cute; Too Corny” Wolf

Steven Beck.
LL Burrell.
Braylon Edwards.
Ace Rockwood.
Brian Pumper.
Justin Timberlake.
Pooch Hall (Derwin from The Game).
Half the Wolves on Twitter and Facebook.

These are Wolves the average Fox would not kick out of bed.
But even though they are super fine, they are also super corny.

Here is why…

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foXXX: Now This Is What U Call Fuckin' The SHIT Outta Someone


LOL at when she hit her head on the wall.
He still kept on beatin it.
I woulda been like:



foXXX: Trey Songz Strips


He has a nice chest.
I think sex between us would be epic.
Just a thought.

foXXX: Before Church Sex


Peep the scene.
Man turns over and says he wants some before you go to church...
Getting fucked that hard...
I'd already be praising Jesus.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Platonic Non Potential F*ck Buddies Who Do Things Without Sex

Teyana Taylor beating some chick’s ass for Chris Breezy made me think about something the other day…

Everyone is talking about how Teyana and Chris are fucking and that she was defending her man.
In my opinion, Teyana and Chris appear to just genuine platonic friends.
Which kills the myth that men and women cannot be friends without:

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foXXX: Beat The Bottom Out The Pussy


Those hard strokes...
...only true soldiers can handle them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maybe I Need To Sit The F*ck Down?

I have to come to understand what my biggest problem is.
It took me all these years to finally sum up my issue in one word….

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

foXXX: How Many "STRAIGHT" Wolves Do This?


Freaky J isn't fooling anyone.
How many straight Wolves rub their Wolfhole like that?
How many straight Wolves can out their leg over their head like that?

Freaky J isn't fooling anyone.... anymore.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Foxy Lifestyle: Scent of a Fox

Hi I’m Jamari Fox and I’m addicted to smelling good.

It is a really nasty habit I picked up somewhere.
I done spent 150 dollars today on various colognes.
I think I have a problem…

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Sunday, April 10, 2011



He remodeled her walls right, didn't he?
I knocked all her shit DOWN.
Had her screaming I love you.
You know what is some "serious penis" if you screaming that!
I was watching it and thinking, "Damn I love him" LOL

This Is Dedicated To 1 of My Wolves…

He took time out of his busy schedule to read this…

He knows who he is…

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

foXXX: The Many Dicks Inside Lady Q


She had more dicks in her than Hanes.
I'm not even mad at her.
She fucked some fine ass dudes.

I'm a fan of the stroke @ 7:10.

foXXX: Masked Man Beats Chubbo


More cushion for the pushin?

foXXX: He Gives Head Like A Lady


Safe to say he "she" wet that pipe right up huh?

The Day I Fucked Up With An NBA Rookie

I guess I have the look that a baller would be attracted too.

Star Fox kept on telling me that, even though I doubted it due to insecurities.
Hell, once before this site was even thought of I nearly had a baller of my very own…

….until I fucked it all up.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weezy and Baby Kissy Face on Rap City

I love how all these straight dudes
may just be secretly worshiping some bisexual cat.

…or should I say CATS?

That kinda tickles me for some reason.

No DOUBT Weezy is one of the best rappers in the game,
but his past is very… how can we sayquestionable.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jamari’s Almighty Church Guide To Foolishness

Has anyone grown up in the church like I have?

Although I can’t front: I was the rebellious church Fox.
It’s like I had ADHD when it came to sitting there and paying attention.
I do love God and he loves me,
but his “people” in there need more Jesus than 20 Bibles.

Look, Ima keep it real…

Church holds the biggest whores and contradictory people than a set in Hollywood or the political arena.
I am always weary of someone who is a full tilt boogie bougie bible.
Something is never clean in the milk.
I have been around ENOUGH to know what the real deal is.
And the real deal is… some of them ain’t shit.

Please have a seat and testify if you have encountered the following types.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mister Cee Wanted Something Cheap In Brook-Lynn

I’m still a little mad that Mister Cee
was up in this car at 5pm getting some slow neck.

(reminding me of that scene in For Colored Girls LOL)

But I’m even more mad that his tranny looked like this…..

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Premium Meat Of The Minute: Devale Ellis

I was over at Hoodsworld and caught this fine Wolf in his latest updates.
Devale unfortunately left Hood and made his way over here…

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foXXX: The Perfect Stroke



Foxes and Vixens...
tell me that is not how we like to be piped?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Somaya Reece: Turn Your Mic OFF.

I don’t know if you guys watch “Love and Random Whores of Hiphop” on VH1
but Somaya Reece (of Video Vixen fame) is trying to pursue music.

Everyone needs a shot.

Here is the finished product of her video trailer…

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The Journey Of The Great Fox

Have you ever stopped,
looked around you,
and asked yourself:


… and no,
I do not mean because of a slight case of amnesia.
I mean…

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