Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Great D/L Man Hunt


… words from almost every black woman I have met.

Foxes, Wolves, Female Foxes, and Vixens.
Time for Jamari to spit that knowledge…
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Monday, December 27, 2010

foxFLIXXX: Blazed DOWN


Something about a squeaky bed turns me on...
Something about a dude beatin' ya brains on said squeaky bed...

.....................................turns me on even more.

Basketball Jones: A Foxy Review

I’m usually a fan of E Lynn Harris (RIP) books.
But this one fell short. kinda.
I read this is a total of 2 weeks.
When I first got it, I’ll be honest it bored me and I stopped half way.
But I gave it another go round….

Here is my review….

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Love-able Too Damn Touchy-Feely Straight Wolf.

On another episode of “Whose Side Are U On“….

Everyone meet The Love-able Too Damn Touchy-Feely Straight Wolf!
Lurking at your local library, college, job, or neighborhood.
He is one loveable sketchy character.

You are always left wondering…

Does he want the cookie?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Day A Fox Went Down

Well my season gave me a wonderful present that laid me the fuck out.
I mean I got laid out so good that I got a headache from all the pounding.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I’m A Moody Fuck-er

“You look like you got good booty.” Star Fox said over a glass of wine, “but you a moody fuck-er.”
“WTF is a moody fuck-er?!?!?” I replied, nearly spitting mine out.

Yeah, what IS a moody fuck-er….?

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When It’s Over… Fuck Him.

The Champ is here!
Currently un-defeated!


Do you know when something is done?
Like when a tv show is losing steam?
Someone’s career has fallen off?
You have no money in your wallet but you still want to shop?

Ok the last one is a bad example but…

Do you know when you need to STOP?

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

F0x Mail: I’m In Love With 3 Wolves.

I got a wonderful email
from one of my international Foxes in London, Ty,
Foxes, he has a dilemma I am SURE we have have encountered once, twice, or three times in our Fox-hoods.

Here is Ty’s question:


Hi Jamari

My names Ty and Im from London.Im an avid reader of ur blog and I love u! You’re like my hero! And ur taste in men….FLAWLESS!!

I’ve got a question about a situation in my life and I need some advice cos I know you get it. I really can’t think of anyone else to ask.

Ok so at my university there are 3 guys I fancy.

Man #1 is about 6’2, a rugby player and has a slimish build(but not so slim). I first encountered him at the library and we had this eye contact that made me feel knots in my tummy! it was such a nice feeling and I just kept feeling his eyes on me. I dunno, maybe i was making up things. the next day I was talking to a friend of mine who happens to know him and he came up to say hello to my friend-not acknowledging me. Then I slyly asked my friend what his name is and then got to fb and twitter stalkin him, He then made his twitter account private which was weird cos i freaked out and thought he knew i was Its been almost 3 weeks now and I see him randomly but he doesnt even notice me. I was a bit sad at first cos i thought there might have been something there, judging from our first exchange, Oh well. I figure either he is straight or he’s not just that into me.

Then there is dude #2. He goes to most of my classes. He is dark skinned, about 6’1, not v good looking but has got that swag u were just speaking about-u know the one Lebron James has? Yea. Ok, so i noticed he always looks at me all dreamy and stuff in class but i never take notice cos sometimes I do think I just might be imagining all this attention/momentary attraction I get from guys. Anyway, he hadn’t been in uni for 2 weeks now and I bumped into him last monday when we went to submit our course work. We said hello and had a little chat, Something in his eyes was v attractive. Then Today, we had a little exchange and that was v nice.(He has this really cute scar under his eye, right at the base of his cheekbones, ah well) I had to go back to the class after the lecture cos i had left my phone in the class- I get there and he is having this semi-sexually heated convo with this italian girl in my class. I wont even lie, I was a bit disappointed but its whatever. On his way out with her though he gently touched me on my back and said bye- Wierd ey? (Again, I cant even lie, his touch felt good! Only thing is he has smallish hands which am not so sure about!) Anyway that Boy 2.

And then Boy #3!! This man is like 6’4 and is always in the library. Uber hot! U kno those ones that r really good looking but don’t really know? Yes!! Anyway, the eye contact we have everytime is a madness!! Like I feel chemistry so much there! I always roam his floor in the lib so we can glance @ each other! I also sort of think he comes downstairs with hopes of seeing me cos i swear i see his eyes open up a little wide wenever he sees me! He seems very very very shy though!! I dunno. The other day we sort of ran into each other by the lib doors and I gave him a little smile but he just nodded his head so that kinda threw me off cos i expected a bit more!! He is lovely, I just don’t know what his situation is.

OK so J, this is where i kinda need ur advice. If i could magically chose, I’d chose man #1 cos he is mad sexy and I really like him. The thing is that am not sure about him @ all!!

How would you suggest I find out if any of them are into me?

What signs should I be looking out for?

With man #3 i feel so much chemistry with him but could it just be me? Cos i swear we have a connection even tho we haven’t said two words to each other!

Are there anythings u can suggest i did more/less of? I dunno. pls let me know , J.

Look forward to hear from u.

Love ya

Ty x x


Love you too Ty.
Let’s break it down shall we….

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“U Shoot D/L Wolves, Don’t U?”

Good morning
Wolves and Foxes out there….

There is nothing more Jamari Fox likes is a scoop…
… and this scoop I got will be sure to get tongues moving.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wolf Got That “Sex Swagg”

It has been a BIG. ASS. DICK. kind of weekend.
I have been bombarded with messages of big, small, and everything in-between.
I have been talking penis from Friday to Sunday.
I have no complaints.

Well, FanofJamari sent me a comment in BIG. ASS. DICK.
and it went something like this:

Can we try to settle this debate once and for all. First it was this:

Now this blog post. First about me: I’m in my last phases as a W.I.T. (Wolf In Training). I have a steady career (not a job, there is a BIG difference), my own crib, no kids, and comfortable finances (got my Suze Orman-approved 1 year emergency fund, which won’t allow me to ball out of control like Devin, but I can certainly help a fox out with rent, cell phone, and the sporadic shopping spree at Best Buy). And if you allow me to be superficial, I think my body pretty tight (less NFL, but more PapiThugz model). The only area why I come up short is….um, well, you know. It’s about 6″, nothing that will scare off a fox. Dudes I’m wit never complain, and when I was going through my experimentation phase, females never complained. I’m a little naive in thinking that this conversation will be resolved with this blog post, but can someone let a W.I.T. what is acceptable in terms of dick size??

I included my personal info just to let yall know that I’m a pretty nice guy. In my experiences, big dicks are sometimes attached to men who ARE big dicks.”

Let’s get it…

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

foxFLIXXX: BIG. ASS. DICK. The movie.


... I think this is the BEST scene I have ever scene.


Isn’t this the prettiest thing you ever seen?

It just puts a smile on my face every-time I see it.
I don’t even need to see what the owner looks like.
As far as I’m concerned, I’m already looking at his head….

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Bagged A Fox; By A Fox


Thank you for tuning in.
I appreciate your love and support.
I really do.

Don’t think YOU are off the hook.
Jamari has a few rules for you.
Here are a few things YOU need to follow when baggin’ a Fox of any kind…

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Baggin A Baller 101

So a baller has hit you up!
That means you are special.

No really.
If a baller has hit you up that means you are the choosen Fox.
Here are a few rules…

…so you don’t fuck it up like these other fools…

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Batman & The Flash: Super Fuck Heroes

Have you ever wish you were a super hero?

Going out there and saving the world, but still remaining anonymous.
Well I like to think of myself as some kind of a super hero.
One who is saving minds and Wolves one day and night at a time.

I got something that will be Wolf ONLY below…

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lebron James is Ugly-Sexy

You ever see a dude who is not all that attarctive.
I mean, he is kinda hit in the face.
But he got that something that is attractive though.
He got some swagg that makes you want to give him some.

Well that is Lebron James for me.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Broke Wolves Don’t Get Assets

I know you want to get this.
I know you want to kiss this.
I know you want to frisk this.
I know you want to love this.
I know you can’t resist this.

…always want to holla,
but you ain’t got no dollars…


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foxFLIXXX: Sweet Cheeks 2


I want to see the Santa joint.
Looks like it would turn me the fuck on.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jamari Fox Doesn’t Settle.

I hate when people brush their insecurities and restrictions off on me.
I hate when people tell me I cannot do something or something is impossible.

“A baller? You can’t get a baller?”
“A house? You can’t afford a house.”
“That career? Yeah right.”

I had an assholes tell me I’m chasing a dream.
A fantasy.
Something that doesn’t exist.

Do they know who the FUCK they are talking too?

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Deadskins, who?

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

foxFLIXXX: One Nite With PARIS


This is the BEST sex scene I have ever seen Paris in...
...because I was beginning to think he couldn't TOP...


He actually worked up a sweat in this one.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


THIS is Fox Talk ONLY.

You ever look in the mirror and cringed when you saw yourself?
You thought you were ugly or just a monster (and not Kanye)?
You could not understand why someone like you was single?

I hear a lot of my Foxes out there saying they are ugly.
ALOT of Foxes have very low self-esteem even though they have the brightest fur.

Well this is for you…

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Big Up to Raheem

I told you it was Fox World Domination.
We are going into overdrive.

I was hinted at (like the dirty little secret I am)
in a interview today.
As you know, I did a tag team entry on Keri Hilson and him the other day.

Check out what he said…

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