Friday, July 30, 2010

Maybin, Davis, and Ho… Threeway?

I’d like to be the ho in that three way.

I look to my left: DAMN.
I look to my right: DOUBLE DAMN.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blogspot X: Diddy and the Bieber

I do not know the hype with Justin Bieber.

I cannot get into him or his music.
When they compared him to the great Michael Jackson,
I was done.

Diddy bought this boy a Lambo.
Usher bought him a black Range Rover.

Why are they buying this 16 year old boy these lavish cars?
Cars that HE can afford (he is worth a good 5 mill)?

The real question is....

Who got the first smashing of this little twink's ass?

.FOXXX FLIXXX: Online Cheat


Fucked him into total submission.
Wasn't that hot?

I'd have to fix him dinner.... after I erased my A4A page.


....oh and I am back.
More for you to.... cum.

Baller Woes and Low Blows: Darren McFadden

meet Darren McFadden:

meet his problem….

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little White Riding Man… and a few Wolves.

Every other week,or every other 2 weeks,I always see this particular white man walking past my job but the FINEST dudes I have ever seen.

Adding More: "Porn"

I got a few videos on the way!

Stay tuned!

Slow HOT American Summer

My summer is going along great.
I really should have no complaints.

I am working my Fox tail off and making that hard on money,some of which supplies me in looking nice and being able to afford the luxuries I have been accoustomed too.
but,the lack of penis is annoying.I havent been fucked since Michael Jackson was alive.I havent been fucked good since Obama was sworn into the White House.

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