Wednesday, September 30, 2009

.F0x Flixxx: Scott VS Victim Part 1 (of 2)

Who you think won?
Scott or The Victim?
You decide....


He Invites Me In… Part 2

….inserts a finger in my booty hole. He fingers me slowly. His mouth clamps onto my neck. He starts sucking.

He takes his other hand and places it around my dick. He jerks me off slowly.

“Damn.” I whisper.

He flips me around so I can view the present that was waiting for me....

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.f0x flixxx: Str8 Smashin'



.f0x flixxx: Booty Bandit Beat Down

I like him.

Stroke game is poppin'.
Body is right.

You see bottom dude tryna get a feel of his ass every 3 seconds?
That'd be me.


Jamari's Single Bottom Work Out Plan

So you are single.

Guess what? Me too! Isn’t it fun?

Well, not really especially on those lonely rainy nights when you want to be cuddled up with someone (preferably built like a quarter back for the Redskins). That is when being single can be a real drag. But, being single should not be that much of a downer.

It can actually be fun.

No. I am not drunk, high, or in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

Nope. I am in the middle of my single Jamari’s journey and working on the man you have come to love named: Jamari Fox. So that when Daddy comes, I am a fucking super hero to his ass.

Cook, clean, and having a nice tite ass.

I have put together a list of things we can all work on.

I’ll share some tips with my fellow bottoms so that we can get AND keep em.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meatless In Jamari

So I’m sitting in this row boat in the middle of Lake Penis and I am not getting any bites.
Maybe I need to move to another side of the river?
Or maybe I need to stay put and wait for that Great Dark Meat swim over and take this… bait.

I am, what you can say, going thru a dry spell. I haven’t felt this horny for a while and I half way solved that problem with Yungin’ #3. Even still, I didn’t get my back blown so that was useless. I am in need of some penis but my Meat Locker is empty and I put in an order months ago. I am almost ready to fuck the delivery man when he brings the meat in.

I was speaking to a dude a few weeks ago though. We will call him Mister Shorty Harlem (or Mister S.H).....

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Friday, September 18, 2009

.F0x Flixxx: Another J. Strokable

He is one of my honorable mentionable porn stars.
He cute in the face and thick in the waist.
he can fuck.
I had to hit you guys with double feature.

You have been good ;-)


.F0x Flixxx: Good Fucking

Another treat.
A smashing good time, don't cha think?

Dude's name is J. Strokes and his fatty is ... damn.
(ya'll know I like a dude with a fat butt.)
He has gained some weight recently so his fat ol' fatty is now non existent.

Let's remember a time when his body was toned and the booty was noticeable.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.F0x Flixxx: Imagine Fucking Me

Imagine this...

You come home from a hard day's work.
You are horny and thinking about that text I sent you earlier.

"I am horny and I want U"
With that thought on your mind,
You come to the bedroom and there I am.
Laying down with my legs spread and I am already fingering myself.
My legs are spread wide apart and I am motioning for you to come inside.
I have a devilish grin on my face.

You pull your clothes off faster than the speed of light...
And it goes down kinda like this:


.F0x Flixxx: Beatin It Up In The Basement

I like this flick.
It turns me on.
He fucked the dog shit out this girl.
He is fucking her senseless and she is loving every minute of that dick.
Good ol thumbs up fucking.


What Made U...

So you are a top huh?
You know the number of top to bottom is like 10 to 1.
You are wanted in this lifestyle like a fat woman needs a glazed donut.
And if you look good then dammit you are on “MUST FUCK” lists.
You are the most requested on various hook up sites.
You have alot of power….

But what really makes you a top?
Do you even know?
Or are you confused until you get a taste of some dick?

This blog goes out to my tops and wannabes.
My ass fuckers and confused brothas.
This ones for you.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

.F0x Flixxx: Good Labor Day Back Breakin'

Picture this.

go ahead.
Focus your imagination on this.

You are on your way to a cookout.
Your 'fit is on point and you are smelling good.
Your boo comes in and is looking sctumptious.

You thinking to yourself how can you get it in before you go to this cookout?
Do you pull off all your clothes?
How is this going to happen?

Then he gives you that look,
and it is ON.

This is the outcome:


Happy Labor Day!

Dealing With The Big C!

We seen em.
We have heard em a mile away.
We witnessed the fuckery in the clubs.
We have read their Myspaces, Facebooks, and Tweets.
Watched them “impress who?” on the gay sites.

They are like a strong cologne – their presence walks in the room before they do.

It is the world famous Cocky Nigga.

Are they really the shit as the claim or just a temporary high?

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Friday, September 4, 2009

.F0x Flixxx: No, Cum In My Face

You know I love ya'll right?
I mean,
ya'll my people.
You read my shit and support,
So I got to treat you guys.

Can someone find this Chris Brown look alike for me?
Please and thanks appreciated!

.F0x Flixxx: Straight Chick Gets Pounded Quickie.

Another one.


I dunno but I like straight fucking.
Real straight fucking.
Not that porno shit most of the time.
I like to see real amateur recorded while the camera is on the cupboard porn.
I get off to everything but I like to see a dick punishing some puss.

Hey, I'm a freak.

.F0x Flixxx: Fuck Me Stupid


I need some dick like that.
I'm scared that he fuck me into another atmosphere,
that I am sprung.
Because lets be real .... The dick looks like it might be an issue.

Same Shit; Different Dick

Dating can have it’s ups and downs.
To be honest, it can be a repetitive of game of “Haven’t I done this dick before?”
It can be inspiring or un-interesting, depending on who you ask.
For some, we have it lucky meeting men.
While others, it is another night home alone with a tv dinner and a rerun of “Soul Plane” on BET.
But there are those in the middle who are in relationships and have settled down…
… but at what cost?

Could be an episode of “Your Dating Life: The Clone Wars”.

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